More Volunteers.
Less Management.

organizing for everyone

Impactive turns all your supporters into lightweight organizers by letting them volunteer from the comfort of their own home. Drive recruitment, get out the vote, amplify social media, collect testimonials, and canvass from anywhere. Outvote allows you to mobilize voters nationwide without the extra overhead.


Voter Lookup

Real-time voter file search lets you fill out reports on everyone you meet in person or online

Voter Contact

Peer-to-peer and friend-to-friend

Web And Mobile

All features on Impactive are available via Web and Mobile App

Follow Up

Staffers can easily follow up with volunteers using push notifications and direct messages


Collect selfies, personal notes, and videos submitted by supporters

Data Sync

Report back to the campaign using customized tags and fields

What campaigns are saying

Pricing Plans

SMS Texting

SMS Texting

Text friends or your own list

Impactive powers the sending of millions of messages for many of the biggest brands and candidates you know and follow. It only takes a few minutes to get setup and start texting.

Dynamic scripting allows you to automatically replace the names of recipients as well as any custom variables you'd like to upload as part of your list.

The Impactive texting engine comes with built-in safeguards to protect your campaigns from violating carrier texting regulations and ensures your program respects opt-outs from recipients.

Forms & Sign Ups

Survey and register volunteers to take action

Impactive forms are a flexible action type allowing you to ask your volunteers for feedback on your campaign or to engage with an upcoming action.

Pick and choose what types of questions you'd like to ask including RSVPs, true/false, multiple choice, or open text responses.

Have volunteers sign a petition or register to attend a webinar or remote volunteering opportunity. You can even use the publicly available form to recruit new volunteers!

Impactive Forms

Impactive Forms

Voter Registration

Search the national voter file in real-time

Find unregistered voters and let them know how they can register depending on the state they live in.

Verify that registered voters still live in the location they're registered and ensure they know where their polling place is.

If they can vote by mail, you can even help them request an absentee ballot all directly on the Impactive platform!

Canvass Remotely

Available both online and offline

Impactive allows you to canvass people in your neighborhood even without a walk list. Whether in person or remote, you can look up anyone you have a conversation with and record the outcome right from your phone.

Custom tags and fields allow you to report on anything you like and have it all sync back to your preferred data provider.

You can even setup custom syncs to trigger when certain tags or fields are submitted. On Impactive, you control all your data and can have it exported daily to the database of your choice.

Impactive Forms

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